Photo of Nicola Griffith by Jennifer Durham

Gemæcce began as an experiment: I built a blog to share and solicit research on a book I was writing about St Hilda of Whitby. (That book turned into Hild.) I have no formal qualifications in history or archaeology and my languages are either terrible (Latin, Old English) or non-existent (Old Irish, Welsh). Before I got my PhD I was a bit sloppy with citing my research. Sometimes I made a note so long ago and on a platform so far away that sourcing is impossible. I do my best in those cases to find an alternative or, when all else fails, ask for forgiveness.

My writing summary: I’m an English novelist living in Seattle, now a dual US/UK citizen, and hold a PhD from Anglia Ruskin University. I am married to writer Kelley Eskridge. Author of Hild, six other novels, and a memoir. Winner of two Washington State Book Awards, and the Nebula, Tiptree, World Fantasy and six Lambda Literary Awards (among others). Founder of #CripLit and the Literary Prize Data group. I run a personal website as well as this research blog. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, GoodreadsLinkedIn, and Instagram.


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