I’ve come across this verb four times in Crossley-Holland’s translation of Beowulf. Shrithe (scriþan). I can’t quite triangulate on its meaning. I imagine something between slither and slide and slink and slip but it’s irritating not being able to pin it down. I know that in most languages there are no exact equivalents of many […]

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place names/etymology

I need to decide what to call a fortified camp south of Carlisle, that is, what the people of Rheged in the early 7th C might have called it. It’s known these days as Brougham; the Romans called it Brocavum (it was the base of Danubian numerii) but now we’re a few centuries on. I […]

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Where It Began

This is the novel that I’ve been aiming for my whole life. I didn’t really understand that until early last year when I wrote my memoir, And Now We Are Going to Have a Party: Liner Notes to a Writer’s Early Life (a multi-media memoir-in-a-box about my life in the UK before I came to […]

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