I’ve found some very useful OE dictionaries online, but I’ve been less successful with Old Irish and have absolutely come up empty for Cumbric and other Brythonic languages. If anyone can point me to some resources, I’d be most grateful.

Meanwhile, I did find a short but amusing Alternative Breton Dictionary. I can now say in Breton, ‘Is that you that farted, you stinky beast?’ So refined…

7 thoughts on “dictionaries

  1. Another coincidence! I’m taking a seminar on Old Irish this semester, and was wondering if there are any good dictionaries online–because they’re sometimes easier than books to access, search, and from anywhere (especially if I’m not near my bookshelves and don’t have my Old Irish texts with me).I’ll ask my professor (first session is Tuesday) and will try to get back to you about this in the next few days.

  2. Marisa, thanks for that. I’ll have a good trawl through the bibliography.On first pass, though, what’s interesting about this article is Coates’ suggestion that Brittonic cultural annihilation could have been achieved via slavery.I keep forgetting about slavery. It’s so far outside my daily worldview that no matter how many times I remind myself, I can’t seem to keep a space open for it in my imagination. I’ll have to give this some thought.Thanks again.

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