Charty process porn

I’ve been asked twice in the last week (once over at my personal blog, once during a discussion with an Oregon book group about my most recent novel, Always) about charts: do I use them? What are they like? Are they on the wall? So I thought I’d talk a little about my process for […]

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no comparison

Today I got my copy of British Archaeology (May/June 2008) in the mail. On p.30-37 there was a wonderful, detailed article, “The Lost Royal cult of Street House Yorkshire,” on the finds at Street House Farm, near Saltburn, North Yorkshire, the ‘possible cult centre’ graves with the fabulous jewellery. Everything is now beginning to make […]

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I am appalled

A friend just sent me this link to a Discovery News article on the recent excavation of a royal Anglo-Saxon grave. I’d read about it a few months elsewhere (thanks to links provided by a variety of blogs, for example Carla Naylund Historical Fiction) and this article wouldn’t rate a mention but for its truly […]

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General Update

I now have 37,000 words. Hild is ten. She has just deliberately assumed the uncomfortable mantle of lightbringer, per her mother’s prophetic dream. She knows she has no otherwordly gifts, but she knows this is the only way to persuade the king to do certain things she–being a very bright and observant child–believes to be […]

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