York in Hild’s time

Last week I read in the Guardian about the discovery of what could be indications of a very early Christian church and burial site beneath the current York Minster. If the more excitable members of the team leading the excavation are right, this could be the wooden church built by Edwin, Hild’s uncle: Potentially the […]

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Arbeia/Tinamutha (?)

I’ve got myself into a bit of a muddle, a plot hole involving time and geography: I need to get a warband from Galloway to Bebbanburg lickety-split. If they were only a few people, I’d put them on a boat to Solway Firth, then send them galloping along the Roman road to Arbeia-that-was, then taking […]

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Word Choice

I’m having a little trouble sorting out some word choices. Specifically, I need to decide whether a certain character would be a gesith, a thegn, or something else (ealdorman?). A gesith, as I understand it, is a warrior companion, a member of the warband. It’s a term used in very early A-S times, i.e. the […]

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