My new site

I am switching Gemæcca, my previous site, to WordPress—and taking the opportunity to rename it Gemæcce. It will happen gradually. Think of this as a test. As such, I’m just going to repost something from my personal blog.

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The UK cover of HILD

Original art by Anna and Elena Balbusso, original design by Charlotte Strick, UK design by Sian Wilson Blackfriars, the UK and Commonwealth publisher of Hild, is a brand new literary imprint of Little, Brown. Hild will be their first ever hardback.

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Just got back from a lightning visit to the UK. I spent a lot of time here: Those of you who travel to conferences will probably recognise it. If I could have delayed my trip by ten days or so, I could have met some of you. It’ll happen one day. Really. Perhaps next year? […]

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Two excerpts from Hild-as-child

Sentences are something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve always been a fan of clarity and simplicity: poetry masquerading as prose. Rhythm matters. Word choice matters. Metaphor matters. I love to vary the rhythm and shape of sentences in a paragraph–unless I’m going for a particular effect. But while writing about Hild, all […]

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