I just got a fabulous grant!

The Authors’ Foundation, administered by the UK’s Society of Authors, have just given me a grant. Now I can do my research in England in person.

Can you spell Bedes World?

I’ll be in Yorkshire and Northumberland mostly–Bebbanburg, Goodmanham, Sancton, York (again), Whitby (again), hopefully Yeavering… Any other suggestions?

Oh, this is going to be awesome! Just wish I could have got it earlier–I’d have been at Leeds, drinking beer in The Stables, talk talk talking up a storm about Hild. Hey, maybe next year!

10 thoughts on “I just got a fabulous grant!

  1. Hild had some contact with East Anglia so a visit to Sutton Hoo could be in order. Some of the Sutton Hoo stuff was in the British Museum in 2003 though. Hartlepool and Hadrian's Wall forts would be other places. I don't know if there is anything at Hartlepool. Oh yeah… Lindisfarne.

    Congrats on the grant!

  2. Amy, thank you.

    hefenfelth, I'd love to visit Sutton Hoo. I've spent time in Norfolk, so I've already got that atmosphere sorted. The wall, though, ooh, yes, absolutely.

  3. How fabulous is that?! That is such great news! Very pleased for you. :o)

    (I'm researching/writing a novel set in 1st century Britain & Rome, and I got a smallish grant for that from a Welsh body, and I walked on air for *weeks* after hearing the news.)

  4. Lindisfarne is the place I find most evocative in Northumberland. Bede's history and of course the Wall… Amazes me that when I was last there intact goatskins and shoes were still being excavated.

    Just remembering the South Tyne valley, Ingrid had friends there who farmed. Beautiful old farm with the high stone walls around the kitchen garden. Show place really but though the family have been there for generations the whole valley belongs to Lord Allendale. We lived in Newbrough near Hexham for 3 years. Lady Ord lived across the road and often rode by on her aging white horse. Wasn't uncommon to see locals lift the cap or tug the forelock as she passed.

    Allendale has an annual ancient ceremony, I think at New Year, when burning barrels of tar are carried on people's heads in a parade. Sorry I'm so vague…

  5. Imogen, the dollar amount of my grant is relatively modest, but the doors it seems to be opening are astonishing.

    Jude, I forgot you used to live there. I can't wait to explore.

  6. I grew up in the Tyne Valley, in Scotswood no less. Let me know if you need someone to translate Geordie for you. ; )

  7. The Wall's marvellous; even with what little is left you have the sense that this is really nice country in nice weather, save only this unfortunate architecture splitting it up; and then you get a day when it's misty and even starting to imagine what it was like to guard it gets a bit frightening. But this is incidental: firstly, congratulations on the grant! secondly, good to see the blog coughing back into life; and thirdly if there is scope for pints to be drunk and Anglo-Saxon history to be geeked while you're over, let me know. In fact if you can make it to Leeds, even out of 'season', I can probably introduce you to Alaric, for he is there.

  8. I'd enjoy that. Thank you.

    The blog has suffered for all the usual reasons: I'm overwhelmed. So I'm prioritising–choosing to spend time actually writing the novel rather than writing about writing it…

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